Erica Ader

Erica Ader, our newest member of the team, joined us in August 2017, after many years in the restaurant business. We call her our “superstar” because of her genuine caring, delightful energy, and cheerful demeanor that buyers, sellers, realtors, and others enjoy so much. She is usually the first contact with our office, and after that, everyone asks to speak with her. Without any formal training in the legal field or real estate specifically, she has blossomed into a real strong member of the team and is attending continuing education seminars to gain more knowledge. We expect Erica to be running the office like a Swiss timepiece in the very near future.

Erica is married to Kyle and they have a “dog-child” named Triton who is a 6-year-old black lab with the sweetest disposition in the world (he takes after his Mom). Triton is well behaved enough to have the opportunity to come to work with Erica on days that we aren’t filled with appointments and closings. Erica was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and moved to Jupiter with her family when she was 15. She graduated from William T. Dwyer in 2007. She loves to spend her free time with Kyle and Triton, at local beaches and riverbanks, where Triton swims and does what retrievers do best, and Erica and Kyle get their exercise on paddleboards and kayaks.